How to cancel my account or subscription?

For Summer School

Cancellation and Refund policy for Summer School is within 14 days of your joining the course. All we ask is that you return your completed work from the first two weeks to show you have really tried the course, and we will review your work, and then we'll happily refund you in full if your completed work proves you have tried Summer School as best as you can.


For Bloggers MBA, Start Your Blog With A Bang or Blog to Boss

Please note that if you signed up for Bloggers MBA, Start Your Blog With A Bang or Blog to Boss via split payment, you are committed to complete all payments.

No cancellation and refund request is allowed after the first 30 days. For our refund policy, please refer here and here.


For Blog Squad (online coaching community, with monthly fee)

To cancel your Blog Squad subscription, you may either contact us at [email protected] OR -

1. Log in to your SBB account.

2. Visit this page.

3. Scroll down until you reach this section -

4. Click on the link and submit your cancellation request.


Thank you!

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